Water turnover in Himmerfjärd 1977 - a simulation study

Typ: Rapport
Serie: RHO 38
Författare: Anders Engqvist and Jonny Svensson


A two-dimensional circulation model (one vertical, one horizontal axis) was validated for a 3-week period, taking place in early fall 1977. For this time there exists independent measurement-based estirnates of the water turnover in Himmerfjärd estuary. Indata (forcing) of the model are: N/S-component of the wind velocity, fresh water flow, changes in water level and salt and temperature changes at the model border towards the Baltic. The validated model was run with the same parameter set-up for four other 3-week periods, distributed over the year 1977 to cover the different main circulation modes. Disregarding the simulation of winter situation with ice, the results seem reasonable. By the aid of a hypermodel the results of these runs were interpolated to encompass a first coarse but approximately correct whole-year estimate of the water transport in the sounds adjacent to Himmerfjärd's inner basin during 1977.