Nederbördsstatistik med praktiska tillämpningar. (Precipitation statistics with practical applications.)

Typ: Rapport
Serie: RMK 30
Författare: Lönnqvist, O.


Precipitation statistics for Sweden are presented in a very special way in order to serve as a planning tool in the Weather Service. Empirical Orthogonal Functions for the precipitation based on monthly normals for 643 stations, 1931-1960, are applied to two practical design problems, viz. geographical areas for weather forecasting and the network of synoptic stations. The paper also deals with maritime and continental areas of Sweden. The representativity of results obtained is judged by a sample af precipitation data for the last 100 years.
A discussion is given as to the usefulness of the climatological method for the actual aoplication purposes as compared with correlation af time-series of precipiation and other weather parameters.