VEDAIR - ett internetverktyg för bedömning av luftkvalitet vid småskalig biobränsleeldning. Modellbeskrivning och slutrapport mars 2007

Typ: Rapport
Serie: Meteorologi 123


This report describes a new internet tool for evaluation of air quality in residential areas with small scale wood-combustion. The work has been sponsored by the Swedish Energy Agency and the internet tool is called VEDAIR. The background is a four-year’s research program (2001-2004) called Biomass Combustion Health and Environment. Some conclusions from this program were that emissions from small scale wood-combustion can influence human health manly due to high emitting old wood stoves during cold whether conditions and that the air quality in such areas can improve significantly if old wood stoves were replaced by modern wood boilers attached to a storage tank or with a pellet boiler.