Validation of HIROMB during 1995-96.

Typ: Rapport
Serie: Oceanografi 67
Författare: Lennart Funkquist / Patrik Ljungemyr


HIROMB (High Resolution Operational Model of the Baltic Sea) is the result of a combined effort between BSH (Bundesamt för Seeschiffahrt und Hydrographie) and SMHI (Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute). In its present form, the model is a modified version of the BSH operational model (Kleine, 1994) with identical boundaries to the North Atlantic. The cooperation started in summer 1994 when the model was set up at SMHI. The first operational runs started in the sumrner 1995 and since then the model has been running daily except fora limited number of periods when there were no meteorological input from the HIRLAM (atmospheric) model available because of computer problems. During the first months, some occasions with stability problems occurred, leading toa restart from the climatological fields.

This report presents results from a continous verification exercise, where model results are compared to observations of water level, surface temperature, currents, ice thickness and salinity and temperature profiles. The times series data are taken from the period September-November 1996 while the ice thickness data are from November and December 1996 and the sea surface temperature data are taken from August, November and December 1996.

For a detailed description of the model, the reader is referred to a forthcoming report by Funkquist and Kleine.