The TELFLOOD project. Rainfall – Runoff Modelling and forecasting.

Typ: Rapport
Serie: RH 14
Författare: Bengt Carlsson, Sten Bergström


The aim of the TELFLOOD project is to improve methods for hydrological forecasting in steepcatchments. The hydrological modelling task of SMHI has been to improve the HBV model and to develop and test routines for model updating and forecasting.

A new response routine, based on the variable contributing area concept, has been developed and proved to be successful in several experimental basins in Sweden, Italy and Ireland. The technique uses the contributing area in a way that is consistent with the procedure for soil moisture accounting and does not require further free parameters. Model improvements are significant to the standard HBV-96 version, in particular as concems minor floods after dry periods.

A new updating routine, based on state corrections of the storages of the HBV model, was developed and tested. For some events it proved to be more efficient than the standard method based on input corrections