The conditions of the seas around Sweden. Report from activities in 1992.

Typ: Rapport
Serie: RO 16
Författare: Lars Andersson, Lars Edler and Björn Sjöberg


This report describes same aspects of the hydrographical conditions in the open sea areas around Sweden , based on SMHis environmental monitoring program during 1992. Due to the warm winter the mean sea surface temperature during spring was about 2 °C higher than normal. In Skagerrak events with very high nutrient concentrations accurred close to the Danish coast. No severe oxygen deficits were present in the Kattegat,  the lowest value recorded was 0.8 ml/l in the Laholm Bight during September. During autumn silicate in Kattegat surface water was below the detection limit which is very unusual. No major inflow of high saline water to the Baltic has occurred since 1977 and the salinity in the Gotland Deep at the end of 1992 was lowest ever recorded.