Temperaturen och nederbörden i Sverige 1961-90. Referensnormaler.

Typ: Rapport
Serie: Meteorologi 81
Författare: Hans Alexandersson, Carla Karlström, Sonja Larsson-McCann


Mean values of temperature and precipitation are presented in this report. Reference normals for the period 1961-90 have been calculated for 510 stations with temperature measurements and for 1243 stations with precipitation measurements. These values, monthly and annual, will be used in comparison with measured actual values.

The report also contains maps, for every month and for the year, showing the differences for temperature and ratios for precipitation between the reference values for the periods 1961-90 and 1931-60. Two other maps show mean monthly reference temperatures for January and July respectively. Another two maps show the average annual number of days with 1 mm or more and the average annual precipitation.

In the end of the report there is a list of all the stations with reference values and a map containing all the stations that also were operating the first of januari 1991.