Snödjupsförhållanden i Sverige – Säsongerna 1950/51–1979/80.

Typ: Rapport
Serie: RMK 59
Författare: Eriksson, Bertil


Snow conditions during the 30 winter seasons 1950/51 - 79/80 have been studied. The snow depths at the middle and last day of the months concerned have been analyzed. The relative number of years with a snow cover reported at these dates was computed and is presented in tables and maps. The arithmetic mean values of snow depth were calculated for those years having a snow cover at the dates studied. These means are presented both in tables and on analyzed maps. Annual means of maximum snow depth were also computed, as well as the mean number of days with a snow cover. Median dates for the earliest and latest days with a snow cover is presented.

A comparison ot the values for the period 50/51-79/80 with those for the period 1931-60 shows that the snow depths are in general higher during the later period. The mean winter temperatures were lower during the period 1951-80 than during the period 1931-60.