Seminars at SMHI 19760329 to 0401 on numerical models of the spreading of cooling water

Typ: Rapport
Serie: RHO 8
Författare: Jonny Svensson


A model was developed by Prych (1972) at SMHI for thermal pollution predictions. The model, which is a modified version of a model originally presented by Stolzenbach and Harleman (1971), is based on an integral analysis of a turbulent, bouyant, horizontal, surface jet into a large ,deep, uniform, turbulent, flowing, ambient water body. In the analysis similarity functions are assumed for the temperature and velocity distributions in the cross section of the jet flow. An attempt to verify, or test the accuracy of the model was done by Weil (1974) at SMHI with eight sets of data from a Swedish power station and data from two plants on Lake Michigan in the United States.