Meso-g scale objective analysis of near surface temperature, humidity and wind, and its application in air pollution modelling.

Typ: Rapport
Serie: RMK 61
Författare: Mueller, Lars, Robertson, Lennart, Andersson, Erik, Gustafsson, Nils


Within the PROMIS project at the Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute a meso-scale network of automatic weather observing stations was established for several purposes . For several of these applications it was considered advantageous to process the data by applying an objective analysis, including quality control , on the observed data to a regular grid.

The analysis system, which is in operational use since a couple of years, is described in this report. The system is based on the meso scale analysis system described in PROMIS Report Nr 1, modified to the finer resolution on the meso-y scale.

In the analysis of the surface wind a new approach is used, where the wind is divided into a divergent anda non-divergent part, which is shown to give a better description of the local wind field.

The report also gives example of how the analysed fields can be used in dispersion modelling.