Impact of ice on Swedish offshore lighthouses. Ice drift conditions in the area at Sydostbrotten - ice season 1986/87.

Typ: Rapport
Serie: Oceanografi 14
Författare: Jan-Eric Lundqvist


The caissunlight Sydostbrotten is situated in an area with rather great ice motions due to currents and winds, but also intensive navigation. The main  vessel traffic runs east of it. However, in severe ice conditions the icebreakers break a channel in a more shallow fairway west of the caissunlight (Bonden fairway). As the vessel traffic is rather great the icebreaker working in the area often pass in the vicinity of the caissunlight. Ice observations are continuously done onboard the icebreaker from the area it passes. Reports of ice concentration, ice thickness and ice drift are sent 4 times a day per telex. At times air reconnaissance from helicopter is done. Further more satellite images are treated to make a good picture of the ice situation.