Expeditionsrapport från U/F Argos vecka 8, 1996

Typ: Rapport
Författare: Håkan Palmén


The expedition was performed within SMHIs regular marine monitoring program and covered the Kattegat, the Sound and the Baltic Proper. The surface temperatures was lower than normal in all areas, about -0.5°C in the Kattegat and the southern Baltic and about 1.5 OC , east of Gotland. The oxygen situation in the Kattegat is good. Hydrogen sulphide is no longer found at the Bornholm Deep, however, the oxygen concentration are very low, 0.6 ml/l. Again, there is hydrogen sulphide in the bottom-water at the Gotland Deep. The nutrients concentration were normal, except in the Arkona-Basin, were the con-centration of silicate was 30-40% lower than normal.