Expeditionsrapport från U/F Argos vecka 39, 1997

Typ: Rapport
Författare: Lars Andersson, Mikael Krysell


. The surface water temperatures, which at the last cruise generally were the highest on record, had now decreased to or near to normal values. However, the thermocline had simultaneously shifted downwards in the water column. In the Skagerrak and the Kattegatt the surface water was more or less depleted of all nutrients, whereas in the Baltic both phosphate (0.1-0.20 µmolmmol/l) and silicate (4.5-12 µmolmmol/l) was present. Hydrogen sulphide was observed in the deep water of the East Gotland Basin (stations BY15 and BY20). No visible algae blooms were observed in any of the sea areas.