Expeditionsrapport från U/F Argos vecka 26, 1996

Typ: Rapport
Författare: Björn Sjöberg


In the eastern Skagerrak there were a bloom of a flagellate, Emiliania Huxlley, which gave the surface water a turkos colour and caused low visibility with secchii depths <3m. The surface temperatures varied between 14-15 deg in the Skagerrak-Kattegatt and between 11-13 in the Baltic Proper. The surface layer was generally depleted of nutrients. Fluorocens measurements indicated a subsurface bloom in the whole area between 10 and 20 depth. Continuously measurements of fluorocens at 4 m depth showed highest values just outside of Skagen and in the eastern Gotland basin. There were low oxygen values (< 2ml/l) below 70-100 m depth in the Bornholm basin, the Hanö bight and in the basins east, north and west of Gotland. Hydrogen sulphide was only measured in the Hanö bight at 75m depth and in the eastern Gotland basin, at 240 m depth in the Gotland deep and at 195 m in the Fårö deep.