Development of an Ecological Model System for the Kattegat and the Southern Baltic. Final Report to the Nordic Councils of Ministers.

Typ: Rapport
Serie: RO 29
Författare: Eleonor Marmefelt, Bertil Håkansson, Anders Christian Erichsen and Ian Sehested Hansen


An integrated ecological model system has been developed that will serve as a first step towards an operational model system for the Skagerrak-Kattegat-Baltic area. The marine biogeochemical model, SCOBI, has been implemented into 3D and has been coupled to the pre-operational hydrological model HBV-N and the atmospheric MATCH model. An improved sediment module is presented.

The SCOBI 3D-model has been coupled to the baroclinic HIROMB model in a 12 nm horizontal grid. The model system has been run for a test period of one year (1997). The validation of the SCOBI 3D-model has been concentrated to the Kattegat-Arkona area. The biogeochemical dynamics of the model for the entire area, however, follows the general pattern of what is known from monitoring. The validation specially points out the sensitivity of the modelled biogeochemical processes in relation to the hydrodynamics