Determination of areal precipitation for the Baltic Sea.

Typ: Rapport
Serie: RMK 54
Författare: Dahlström, Bengt


The objective of this investigation has been to estimate areal precipitation for the Baltic Sea and its subbasins.
The areal estimates have been computed by use of point precipitation data. These data have been submitted and corrected for the systematic deficits, inherent with precipitation measurement, by the respective Baltic bordering country.
For the areal estimation of precipitation within the Baltic Sea and its subbasins the method of statistical interpolation has been applied on normalized precipitation fields. The normalized fields have been extrapolated from the available climatological point data.
Areal estimates have been computed for individual months and years for the period 1951-70 and for the Pilot Study Year 1975/76. Estimates of areal mean precipitation are also presented for the climatological period 1931-60.
The areal estimates indicate that the long-term average of the yearly recipitation amount for the whole of Baltic Sea, including the Danish Sounds and Kattegat, is between 590 mm and 660 mm, with a probable average of 625 mm. For the period 1951-70 the areal mean precipitation ranged from 479 mm to 726 mm.
The computations of areal precipitation and its spatial and temporal istributions are illustrated in tables and on maps. The results are verified and previous investiqations are commented.