Data rörande Sveriges temperaturklimat.

Typ: Rapport
Serie: RMK 39
Författare: Eriksson, Bertil


Monthly and annual ternperature rnean values are presented for 600 Swedish stations for the normal period 1951-80. It is found that this period has been colder than the standard normal period 1931-60. The cooling amounts to 0.2-0.7°. As the mean error of a 30-year annual mean temperature is 0.15-0.20°, the observed cooling is statistically significant in certain parts of Sweden. Generalizing strongly one can say that the ternperature clirnate of Sweden has oscillated back to the level prevailing during the first decades of this century. Looking upon the monthly rnean values the most remarkable change in temperature - from a statistical point of view - is the lowering of the July temperatures from 1931-60 to 1951-80. The differences between the temperature means reach 3 to 4 times the mean error. The decrease in temperature during winter months are most pronounced at high latitudes.