Congression – A fast regression technique with a great number of functions of all predictors.

Typ: Rapport
Serie: RMK 43
Författare: Lönnqvist, Olov


The term Congression is used for an entirely new technique for Multiple Regression Analysis. The merits of the new technique are obvious. It is made possible to introduce a vast number of derived predictors in the analysis without prolonging the computing time.

In the examples given in the paper, 6 predictors are increased to 1068, and the analysis carried out in less than 25 per cent of the time now needed for 6 predictors.

The main features of Congression are the Grouping of data in Parties and the use of Grouping Diagrams as an interface towards a great number of pre-prepared. Potential functions of any two predictors; xi2, xixj, sin x1 and V xi2 + xj2 , are examples of such functions.