Conceptual modelling of evapotranspiration for simulations of climate change effects.

Typ: Rapport
Serie: RH 10
Författare: Göran Lindström, Marie Gardelin and Magnus Persson


The evapotranspiration routines in existing conceptual hydrological models have been identified as one of the weaknesses which appear when these rnodels are used for the simulation of hydrological effects of a changing clirnate. The hydrological models in operational use today usually have a very superficial description of evapotranspiration. They have, nevertheless, been able to yield reasonable results. The objective of this paper is to analyse and suggest modifications of existing evapotranspiration routines in conceptual hydrological models to make them more appropriate for use in simulation of the effects of a changing climate on water resources.

The following rnodifications of the evapotranspiration routine were formulated and tested in the HBV model: Ternperature anomaly correction of evapotranspiration, potential evapotranspiration by a simplified Thornthwaite type formula, interception submodel, spatially distributed evapotranspiration routine and alternative forrnulations of lake evapotranspiration. Sensitivity analyses were thereafter rnade to illustrate the effects of uncertainty in the hydrological model structure versus those of the uncertainty in the climate change predictions.