Background report on air pollution situation in the Baltic states - a prefeasibility study. IVL Publikation B 1038.

Typ: Rapport
Serie: Meteorologi 80
Författare: Gun Lövblad and Christer Persson


In this prefeasibility study we have compiled the information given by the core group, collected during several visits to the Baltic states. In addition to this we have included information available from different western European studies. The prefeasibility study will cover the southern to western part of Estonia, the entire Latvia and the northern part of Lithuania.

We have made an overall evaluation of the plausibility of available data and also pointed out obvious diagreements and gaps of knowledge. The conclusion of the study is how to compile the data further in order to be able to meet with the goals of the study:

To point out major air pollution sources.

To correlate the air pollution dispersion and deposition to pollution introduced into the rivers and further into the Baltic Sea.