Analysis of climate-induced hydrochemical variations in till aquifers.

Typ: Rapport
Serie: RH 1
Författare: Sten Bergström, Per Sandén and Marie Gardelin


An investigation  of  the relations  between climatological factors  and short  term variability  in groundwater storage and hydrochemistry in till aquifers is  performed.  The analysis  is  based on a simple empirical hydrological mode!, the PULSE mode!,  and  groundwater  records from  four sites  in  Sweden.

The mode! proved to be capable of describing the dynamics of groundwater levels or discharge, and at one of the sites it was possible to describe hydrochemical  variations  as  well. The application to the remaining three sites illustrated  that  groundwater  chemistry shows  a  much  more  complex  pattem  of  variations  than  does  corresponding  streamflow in this type of basin. The importance of areal variabilities within the  recharge  area  is discussed and illustrated by  a distribution  of  the  mode! into two submodels  when  apply-  ing it  to  one of  the  basins.