Tide gauge Ratan

Station type: Tide gauge
Station number: 2056
Station id: Ratan
Station name: Ratan
Latitude: 63.9861
Longitude: 20.8950
Observation period: 1891-
Status: Active
Parameters: Sealevel

Mareograph Ratan. Substition for the mareograph from 1891. Foto SMHI Förstora Bild
Mareograph Ratan start year 1891 (discontinued 1973). Foto Thomas Hammarklint Förstora Bild

History (sampling period):
1891-1964 Mareograph (hourly values)
1964-1986 Chart recorder (hourly values)
1973 The station moved to a new building
1986-2002 Automatic and chart recorder (hourly and daily min/max values)
2002- Automatic and chart recorder (10-min and hourly min/max values)