Tide gauge Ratan

Station type: Tide gauge
Station number: 2056
Station id: Ratan
Station name: Ratan
Latitude: 63.9861
Longitude: 20.8950
Observation period: 1891-
Status: Active
Parameters: Sealevel

Mareograph Ratan
Mareograph Ratan. Substition for the mareograph from 1891. Foto SMHI Förstora Bild
Mareograph Ratan
Mareograph Ratan start year 1891 (discontinued 1973). Foto Thomas Hammarklint Förstora Bild

History (sampling period):
1891-1964 Mareograph (hourly values)
1964-1986 Chart recorder (hourly values)
1973 The station moved to a new building
1986-2002 Automatic and chart recorder (hourly and daily min/max values)
2002- Automatic and chart recorder (10-min and hourly min/max values)