Previous projects within meteorological research

SMHI Meteorological research unit is involved in many international and national projects. Below you will find a selection of completed projects from recent years.

Selection of completed projects, list in alphabetical order: 

DNICast - Direct Normal Irradiance Nowcasting methods for optimized operation of concentrating solar technologies

The objective of the project is to provide operators of power plants using concentrating solar technologies (CST) with reliable forecasts of the direct normal irradiance (DNI).

EURO4M - European Reanalysis and Observations for Monitoring

The overall goal of EURO4M was to develop the capacity for, and deliver the best possible and most complete (gridded) climate change time series and monitoring services covering all of Europe. These enable adequate descriptions of the status and …

G.I.Nord - “Green infrastructure and climate in Nordic cities"

G.I.Nord synthesis project aims at defining critical knowledge gaps and practical needs and obstacles to an efficient implementation of Urban Green Infrastructure (UGI) as a climate change adaptation tool in urban planning. Together with …

GreenInUrbs - “Green Infrastructure approach: linking environmental with social aspects in studying and managing urban forests” (COST Action FP1204)

Green Infrastructure (GI) has recently gained prominence as a planning tool at regional and local levels. GI provides a range of ecosystem services, and new initiatives can build on state-of-the-art research and on delivery mechanisms such as urban …


HazardSupport is a project 2015-2020 where SMHI and SEI (Stockholm Environment Institute) collaborate with the aim of developing a risk-based decision support for adaptation to future natural hazards. The project is funded by the Swedish Civil …


Future hydrological extremes may be very different from today's reality and difficult to predict. The objective of IMPREX (Improving predictions and management of hydrological extremes) is to support the reduction of Europe’s vulnerability to …

Improved evaluation of solar electricity production for increased investments in PV technology

The project goal is to increase the investments in PV technology by describing how data of solar irradiance and temperature can be processed to generate accurate evaluations of forecasted solar electricity generation in Sweden.

Improved present and future assessment of PV power generation in Sweden

High latitude and low electricity price in Sweden make accurate prediction of photovoltaic (PV) system energy yield fundamental both for economic and environmental reasons. More precise estimates would give smaller uncertainties in economy, …

RSLand - Assimilation of satellite-based measurements of the hydrosphere - towards a combined meteorological-hydrological forecasting system

The objective is to improve meteorological and hydrological model forecasts on the km-scale by assimilating satellite radiance and backscatter data regarding the Earth's surface and near-surface properties using modern ensemble Kalman filter (EnKF) …

SIMSAT – simulators of satellite derived cloud datasets for climate models

Satellite product simulators simulate what would be observed by satellite instruments if the underlying atmosphere was that of the model. This allows for a fairer/more useful comparison between models and observations. SMHI is developing two …

Solar radiation forecasts for control and monitoring of the electrical grid

The aim of this project is to support the expansion of solar PV in Sweden by contributing to a system-friendly deployment in a future grid with 100 % renewable power that is both flexible and robust.

UERRA - Uncertainties in Ensembles of Regional ReAnalyses

The project objective is to develop and run an ensemble system of regional reanalyses for the climatological time scale. The information content of the datasets and their uncertainties will be assessed in several ways and statistics analysed.

VINDRAD+ Gap-filling radars as a method for reducing the conflict between weather radars and wind turbines

VINDRAD+ creates conditions to open up for the construction of more wind turbines near a weather radar by installing a gap-filling radar

Wind power: Modelling of icing and production losses

Numerical weather prediction models used by SMHI, WeatherTech and Uppsala University will be improved with respect to parametrizations of cloud physics and turbulence.

Wind turbine filter for weather radar

The project will investigate the feasibility to implement a wind turbine filter into the signal processor of modernised weather radars.