Track maintenance

Customised weather information can be a great help when choosing operative efforts for your company and the work of maintaining the tracks and rail transports.

Heavy snowfall, in particular in combination with heavy winds, requires extra efforts to keep the railways open and operating. Freezing precipitation close to sea areas where salt can accumulate on the power lines often creates serious problems for railway traffic.

SMHI provides customised weather information which can help with the planning and implementation of track maintenance activities.

Regularly updated and detailed daily forecasts are supplemented by meteorologists at SMHI who are available for consultation 24 hours a day, 365 days per year.

Thunderstorms, in particular, create other problems for personnel and traffic during the summer months. SMHI provides an early warning system by issuing thunderstorm forecasts and daily risk assessments for improved planning and preparation.
Considerable problems arise during some periods of the year as a result of slippery tracks. SMHI's forecasts can provide support when tracks need to be cleaned.