Wind roses for analysis of local wind conditions

A wind rose gives you an idea of the prevailing wind directions and wind speeds for a specific location, information often required in the planning process or when applying for construction permits. We can provide an analytical report with wind roses describing the wind conditions at any of our many monitoring sites around Sweden.

The report contains a wind rose based on measurements from several years, a diagram showing the distribution of wind speed independently of wind direction and an explanatory text.

The wind rose in the figure above shows wind conditions at 10 m height. In this example data is divided into 16 wind directions and 9 wind speed classes, calm conditions not included.

Wind direction indicates from where the wind is blowing. The number of wind directions and wind speed classes can be altered according to your wishes. In this example the prevailing wind direction is westerly.

Weather related wind roses

Apart from standard wind roses we can also provide wind roses for special conditions, for example a specific season, a specific time or during specific weather conditions such as precipitation or snowfall.