Hive is SMHI's service for collaboration between SMHI and external parties.

Hive is SMHIs service for sharing information with external parties. Most projects result in a variety of documents, images and other files. Being able to structure all files in a secure and easily accessible way can be crucial for the entire project. With the Hive document management system, project members can access important files - anywhere, anytime.

Hive is for external projects where members can share information during the project. After that, the information must be taken care of according to its special needs.

External users

External users in Hive log in with a so-called two-factor authentication. This meets the strong security requirements SMHI has set for access to information stored in Hive.

Two-factor authentication means that the user need to confirm the login twice, such as login credentials in combination with OTP (one-time password) generated though a smartphone app or a web browser plugin.

As an external user, you need to have an authentication application installed in your phone or browser. Install the application before you start enrolling in Hive.

For mobile devices, SMHI supports the authentication applications

  • Google Authenticator
  • FreeOTP

The applications are installed through Google Play or iOS App store.

For web browsers, SMHI supports .

Managing information in Hive

Types of information permitted in Hive:

  • Personal data, such as name, email address, and phone numbers. Other types of personal data may be permitted, your SMHI contact person can provide more detailed information as required.
  • Information governed by contractual obligations
  • Information governed by activity-specific legislation 

Types of information not permitted in Hive:

  • Sensitive information and confidentiality (primarily regulated by the Public Access to Information and Secrecy Act and the General Data Protection Regulation)
  • Sensitive personal data (e.g. health data and trade union affiliation)
  • Risk analyses, safety audits and tenders
  • Business confidentiality is not allowed. Other business information may be permitted, unless it is covered by confidentiality.
  • Critical information (primarily regulated by the Security Protection Act)
  • Classified information (issues related to Sweden's security)

As external user, consult your SMHI contact person should you need support.

When managing project information in Hive, it's your responsibility to determine the information classification, and decide whether it's allowed to manage in Hive or not. Also keep in mind that information that you manage in Hive may be public documents. You must handle this information according to the existing regulations based on the principle of public access to information.


The following instructional videos describe how you as a new user can access Hive.

When clicking the link in the invitation email within 12 hours

This guide describes activation when the link is clicked within 12 hours after receiving the SMHI invitation email.

When clicking on the link in the invitation email after more than 12 hours

This guide describes activation when the link is clicked more than 12 hours after receiving the SMHI invitation email. In this case a new password and OTP code must be configured.

The guide also applies to changing password and/or OTP code at any time when needed.

More useful guides

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SMHI Hive User manual (2.0 MB, pdf)

Need help?

If you as an external user need help, contact The support is available weekdays 0800-1700 CET.