Hive is SMHI's service for cooperation between SMHI and external parties.

In Hive, project members can share information in a safe and easily accessible service.

New method for accessing Hive from 12 April

Today, external users of Hive log in to the service with a username and a password. On april 12, 2021, SMHI will introduce a new login method. The new method means that external users of the service will log in with a so-called two-factor authentication, which meets the strong security requirements that SMHI sets to access the information in Hive.
Two-factor authentication means that users need to confirm the login twice, such as login details in combination with a one-time password generated trough an app on a smart phone or in the computer's browser.

External users will receive emails with instructions

Everyone who is currently registered as a user in the Hive service will receive an email in connection with the introduction of the new login procedure. The email contains detailed information about what the user needs to do. The information in the email will be in both English and Swedish.

Guides for Hive users

The following guides are intended for current Hive users.

Hive - Activate two factor authentication and login (621 kB, pdf)

Hive - change password (546 kB, pdf)

Hive - Logging in using two factor authentication (392 kB, pdf)

SMHI Hive User manual (5.2 MB, pdf)

Need help?

If you as an external user need help, you can contact weekdays between 8 am to 5 pm CET.