Oceanographic observations

Oceanographic observation data comes from SMHI’s measurement stations along the coast and at sea. A station can deliver data for several oceanographic parameters.
Use the interface for downloading oceanographic observations, to obtain the data as a text file which can be imported into Excel. The files contain available data up until 23.00 the previous day, for a specific parameter and measurement station.

Use a subscription for observation data via the atom feed to obtain all data for a specific parameter for three different time periods:

  • All historic data up until 23.00 the previous day, partially quality controlled
  • Data for the latest complete day, no quality control
  • The most recent hourly value, no quality control.


The following parameters are currently available:

  • Significant wave height
  • Current velocity and direction
  • Salinity
  • Sea temperature
  • Sea level

Time series

The measurement stations have different lengths of time series for different parameters. For example, sea level observations have been carried out in Stockholm since 1774, while other stations have only been operational for a few years. These services provide data for specific parameters from all the oceanographic measurement stations which have been operational for a shorter or longer period of time since 1886.

Quality controlled data

SMHI checks the quality of data using methods that have been developed over several years. Abnormalities in the measurements are corrected and data is delivered with a quality code. Historic data was not reclassified when the new quality control system came into operation, but older values have always been checked. Occasionally measurements are missing due to technical faults or service at the measurement site.
For sea level, Sweden’s official height system RH2000 is used.