Core values

SMHI's operations are based on core values that permeate our daily work, decisions and policies.

SMHI wants everyone

  • To be committed and take responsibility for their work as well as their own personal development.
  • To take responsibility to study and search for information.

We shall cooperate through

  • Being open and honest with each other.
  • Showing respect for each other's opinions and differences.
  • Having the belief that everyone tries to do their best.
  • Participating and taking responsibility in the development of operations.

SMHI values

  • Driving force: we are committed, show drive and take the initiative.
  • Flexibility: we can and are willing to adapt to changing conditions.
  • Communicative ability: we are clear and create a credible dialogue with others.
  • Social skills: we are diplomatic, create trust and good contacts.

SMHI's leaders must represent

  • Visions: look beyond, see the context, be innovative and stand for a holistic approach.
  • Courage: express and stand for your views. Have the ability to make and implement decisions, even with problematic implications.
  • Ethics: to be a good role model in your leadership role. Have a positive view of humanity, by making demands on and give recognition to employees.