SMHI’s contribution to global development

Local, regional and global sustainable development is central to SMHI’s international development cooperation activities. 

The international development cooperation activities contribute to global implementation of the international conventions that Sweden has ratified and in which SMHI aims to be a driving force; for example the 2030 Agenda on sustainable development, the Paris Agreement on climate and the Sendai framework on disaster risk reduction.

The contribution is done, for example, by generating understanding of climate, water, and environmental conditions and impacts, by increasing local knowledge on climate adaptation, by supporting data collection and monitoring systems, or by developing forecasting systems and operational warning services.

The Sustainable Development Goals, source:
The Sustainable Development Goals. Source:

The activities contributes directly or indirectly to most sustainable development goals, in particular:

  • SDG 3: good health and well-being (e.g. improved air and water quality).
  • SDG 6: clean water and sanitation (e.g. access to and management of water).
  • SDG 7: affordable and clean energy (e.g. design and operation of hydro-, wind- and solar power).
  • SDG 10: reduced inequalities.
  • SDG 11: sustainable cities and communities (e.g. the Sendai framework on disaster risk reduction and air quality, target 11.5, 11.6, 11.b).
  • SDG 13: climate action (Paris Agreement, 13.1,13.2,13.2).
  • SDG 14: life below water (e.g. oceans and marine resources).
  • SDG 16: peace, justice and strong institutions.
  • SDG 17: partnerships (e.g. 17.9, 17.14, 17.16).

The activities are also relevant to other goals, e.g. poverty, hunger, gender equality and biodiversity.

In addition, SMHI’s international development cooperation activities support the Swedish government's recently presented reform agenda for aid. Present and planned activities are in line with many of the agenda items, such as digital infrastructure and digitalization, green transition, humanitarian efforts, research and development, support through civil society, streamlining climate aid, cooperation with the private sector, and integrating Swedish aid with other policy areas and with other funders.

SMHI also contributes to the UN initiative Early Warnings for All, with the goal that everyone on earth is protected from dangerous weather, water, or climate events through life-saving early warning systems by the end of 2027.