What you can do about climate change

Climate change is one of the greatest global societal challenges, and we as humans can not only affect it but also adapt to it by making informed choices.

In order to achieve the objectives of the Paris Agreement, emissions must be reduced more than the national commitments that exist today. It also has positive effects on the UN's other global sustainability goals, such as those on eradicating poverty and hunger.

  • Every tenth degree of warming matters
  • Every single year matters
  • Every individual choice matters

You as a citizen.

You are important. When you act, you influence companies, politics and other fellow human beings to act more climate-smart.

By reflecting on how and what you consume, you may find ways to reduce your climate impact. For example, by considering how you travel, eat and buy you can find new ways of living a good life. Sometimes the solution may be recycling instead of buying totally new things.

Industry and public sector

The industry and the public sector have a wide responsibility for reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Climate impact and climate adaptation

Here are links to websites with more information.

The Climate Account - Calculate your personal carbon footprint

The Climate Account

With the Climate Account you are able to calculate your personal carbon footprint based on your way of living.

The Climate Account has been developed by IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute www.ivl.se.

The Climate Adaptation Game

The Climate Adaptation Game

The Climate Adaptation Game increases the understanding of what a warmer climate implicates and how we can adapt to it. The game is suitable for education in sustainable development and when starting to work with climate adaptation.

The Climate Adaptation Game has been developed by the Swedish National Knowledge Center for Climate Change Adaptation at SMHI, together with Linköping university and high school teachers.

Swedish Portal for Climate Change Adaptation

Swedish Portal for Climate Change Adaptation

The Swedish web portal for climate change adaptation, Klimatanpassning.se, aims to support society and citizens in preparing for the effects of climate change. The portal offers comprehensive information and support within a number of areas.


Panorama is the visualization tool for Swedens climate transition. It shows the transitions in different sectors and their status. It also shows what is necessary to reach the net zero 2045 target. The Climate Policy Council are behind the tool together with the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency and the Swedish Energy Agency.