SMHI Norrköping - head office

SMHI’s premises are located in the southern outskirts of Norrköping. There is a radome on the roof of the SMHI’s buildings with the SMHI logo on it. It is easily visible from a long distance, so it is easy to find. Outside there is a large car park which is free of charge.

Address, phone number and e-mail

SE-601 76 Norrköping

Street address: Folkborgsvägen 17
Phone: +46 (0)11-495 80 00

Directions from the train station

Take tram no. 3 towards Klockaretorpet. The stop is called SMHI and the buildings are easily visible from there. The journey takes around 20 minutes from Norrköping Central.

Directions by road


From the E4 highway (Stockholm-Helsingborg), take the Norrköping S exit and turn off immediately afterwards towards Klockaretorpet. Then follow the signs for SMHI.


From the E22 highway from Kalmar, turn off to the E4 S and take the Söderleden route round the city centre. When you come to the roundabout, continue towards the E4 S and almost immediately afterwards turn off towards Klockaretorpet. Then follow the signs for SMHI.

Road 51

From road 51 (Örebro), continue towards Norrköping and take the E4 exit. Then follow the directions above.