Forecasts and warnings

SMHI provides daily forecasts to the general public and societal functions and issues warnings when faced with severe weather and water events. SMHI also offers products and services that function as vital support in the decision-making of, for example, Swedish authorities, organisations and municipalities.

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SMHI's weather forecasts are presented in the media, on and in SMHI's apps for mobiles and tablets. When producing a weather forecast, SMHI utilises collected observational data which is processed by models and meteorologists.

High-resolution forecasting model

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SMHI collaborates with the Norwegian Meteorological Institute in the development and operation of its high-resolution forecasting model. The ability to assess local effects and extreme situations increases as the forecast basis becomes more detailed and better at taking into account topographical differences.

Expert body within hydrology

Hydrology is the science of water on land. As an expert body within hydrology, SMHI works within a wide variety of operational areas. To summarise, we can say that we measure, model, inform and provides consulting services.


Monitors the condition of the oceans

SMHI monitors the condition of the oceans and provides the general public, authorities, researchers and the international community with data, forecasts and scenarios, as well as current information.

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Forecasts and warnings for Swedish airspace

SMHI's meteorological service in Uppsala issues forecasts and warnings for the entire Swedish airspace and for all open traffic airports, so that air traffic can be operated safely and efficiently. SMHI collaborates with the Danish Meteorological Institute (DMI) on meteorological services for aviation in the Danish-Swedish airspace.

Numerical forecast models

In order to predict weather, numerical forecast models are used. The models are mathematical descriptions of the weather forecast problems and are based on established physical laws.