The climate - data, analyses and research

With the help of climate observations harking back to the 1800s, SMHI analyses the changes in Sweden up to present day. The climate of the future is being studied at the climate research unit Rossby Center. 

As an expert authority within the climate field, SMHI participates in international climate discussions and collaborates with other national and regional authorities on climate and climate change adaptation issues.

Example of climate scenario from the online service
The online climate scenario service provides maps and downloadable data for several different climate scenarios, for both Sweden, Europe and the world. This image shows the change in mean temperature in winter in Europe, with scenario RCP 8.5.

Adaptation to climate change

SMHI runs a national centre of knowledge for adaptation to climate change on behalf of the government. The role of the centre is to act as a hub for knowledge on climate change and to represent a meeting place for actors involved in climate change adaptation.

National focal point for IPCC

SMHI is the focal point in Sweden for the UN’s climate panel, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). As the focal point, SMHI coordinates the Swedish IPCC work and establishes contacts with the IPCC Secretariat in Geneva. The responsibility also entails nominating Swedish experts for the IPCC work. This can be in the role of author, reviewer or participating in workshops and other meetings.

Consulting activities

In addition, SMHI is also engaged in commissioned work and consulting activities within the area of climate.

SMHI collaborates daily with government agencies and organisations, both within and outside the country borders. We represent Sweden in several international organisations.