Measurements in the air and water

SMHI carries out qualified measurements of the air and water which form the basis of economic and environmentally strategic decisions. The investigations concern physical and/or chemical and/or biological conditions.

Measurements in water

  • Surface and bottom currents
  • Wave height and wave period
  • Water discharge rate in water level in watercourses and lakes
  • Water samples and accredited measurement and laboratory analysis of environmental parameters, e.g. temperature, salinity, N- and P- nutrients, and phytoplankton
  • Sediment testing and analysis of particulate organic carbon and nitrogen
  • Analysis of turbidity/cloudiness
  • Depth measurements/seabed mapping via echo sounding

Measurements in the air

  • Precipitation
  • Wind and temperature
  • Radiation and hours of sunshine

SMHI also measures wind conditions for the planning of wind power installations. We also supply quality analyses and comparisons with time series from nearby stations.

All measurements carried out by SMHI are of the highest quality, and both the measuring instruments and the measuring techniques are updated continuously so that we can always be at the forefront of technical developments.

SMHI supplies the results as raw data or in analysed form, for example as graphs, maps or tables, according to your requirements. Statistical processing and interpretation regarding how various parameters impact on each other are typical examples of what SMHI works with on a daily basis.