The Core Services, Professional Services and Research Departments provide services for various customers in different sections of society. The IT, Finance and Human Resources Departments are responsible for management, coordination and service within their respective areas. In addition, there are organisation-wide functions for Legal Affairs, Communication and Business Coordination.

Organisationsschema SMHI (engelska)

Core Services 

Around the clock, all days of the year, observations and measurements are collated at observation stations, both with balloon-borne instruments and from aircraft, ships and buoys. Satellites, weather radar and lightning sensors supply spatial information. Large quantities of collected data are structured, processed and analysed using very powerful computers. SMHI then makes forecasts, produces decision guidance for society and follows up climate and environmental development. Warnings in the event of extreme weather events are an important task.

Professional Services 

SMHI provides a wide range of forecasting and professional services tailored to the needs of different users. In addition to industry-specific forecasting services, a large part of the assignments deal with climate and environmental issues related to air and water. Some examples include tailored climate analysis for urban planning, decision guidance for wind power and providing design data for water flows and water levels. Customers can be found nationally and internationally in the areas of built environment, energy, environment, shipping, media and capacity development.


SMHI conducts applied research in meteorology, hydrology, oceanography and climate. Researchers develop knowledge, models and tools that describe processes in the atmosphere, in the sea and on land. These are needed to improve SMHI projection models and decision guidance for practical public welfare. A great deal of the research conducted by SMHI is climate related.