The expert authority SMHI is organized into five departments.

Community Preparedness Services

The Department of Community Preparedness Services' activities includes work with forecasts, warnings, observations, measurements and operational models. A large part of the business is run 24 hours a day, seven days a week, of great importance to the general public and societal actors with weather-sensitive activities.

Community Planning Services

The Department of Community Planning Services includes analyses, investigations, knowledge bases and consulting activities in weather, water, air environment, climate and climate adaptation. This department brings together competencies in these areas of expertise and offers services to many different sectors of society.


The activities of the R&D department consist of applied research and development in meteorology, hydrology, oceanography and climate, with the aim of developing prototypes for new products and services or improving existing production. The department also works with activities in international capacity development cooperation.


The IT department consists of operations, support, system development and IT infrastructure. The department works for a common IT architecture for SMHI, and cybersecurity is an important focus area.

Governance and Operational Support

The Department of Governance and Operational Support gathers functions that work for all of SMHI's operations from a common, organisation-wide perspective. This includes functions for communication, legal affairs, human resources, finance, purchasing and service, as well as coordination. The department also works with issues related to security and preparedness.