Wind power at sea

For establishment of wind power plants at sea, careful investigations are needed. The load on the power plants is great from the wind, waves, currents and ice, and the costs for maintenance is closely related to the weather. In addition, there are often external requirements, such as environmental regulations, to take into account.

We can provide necessary information for the planning of wind power plants at sea. We can also make assessments and calculations of how an accidental release of pollutants would drift in the power plant area.

Effect on oxygen supply to the Baltic Sea

Provtagning till havs
We offer measurements at sea. Foto Signild Nerheim

Kattegatt, Öresund and the southern part of the Baltic Sea are areas where the physical conditions in the sea are important for the inflow of cold water rich in oxygen that ventilate the sea-bed of the Baltic Sea.

We have on several occasions assessed the potential impact of wind power plant parks on the vertical mixing in the sea , and whether it will lead to unfavourable conditions for inflows.

We can also make assessments of how wind, waves and water levels can change in a future climate.

Statistical material

The statistical material can be designed according to your needs. Some of the services we can provide are listed below:

  • Winds: gusts and average wind speed
  • Turbulence intensity for different hub heights
  • Waves: Scatter diagram for significant wave height (Hs), in relation to the wind speed or wave period
  • Exceedence diagram, number of hours/year and month that Hs is exceeded
  • Extreme water levels
  • Extreme and frequent current speeds.
  • Ice: freeze-up, break-up, maximum ice extent and frequency
  • Static ice pressure on the fundament.