Waves and current conditions

Local investigations of waves and current conditions provide a good basis for activities at harbours, along the coast and in open water.

SMHI carries out accurate measurements and model studies of, for example, design documentation for planned harbour areas and planning documentation for wind turbine installations out at sea, dredging and searching for oil. Each and every wave and current analysis is specific to one particular area, meaning that different methods of analysis are used.

Methods used:

  • Analysis of the impact of waves and currents
  • Statistics on historic and future wave climates
  • Identification of problem areas, such as areas that are heavily trafficked and circulation problems
  • Targeted measurements
  • Analysis of other variables such as temperature, salinity, water level and wind

A few examples of previous projects form the basis of environmental impact descriptions (EIDs): the laying of gas pipelines off the west coast; wave and current statistics as a basis for searching for oil in the Baltic Sea and the simulation of wave climates in Trelleborg and Visby harbours. Our clients are often municipalities, harbours, consultancy companies and corporations.