International weather data and statistical analyses

SMHI has extensive databases containing long series of meteorological observations from thousands of international stations at our disposal. Our experienced consultants and meteorologists can provide you with data, statistical analyses and detailed investigations based on your needs.

SMHI has a long history of observing and analysing our climate. Our experienced meteorologists and civil engineers understand the various needs and uses for climate data. We specialize in local climate studies based on historic data or climate change scenarios, and related issues such as air quality, wind comfort studies for urban planning and services for the wind power sector.


We help you save time and money

We have access to a large database containing data from hundreds of stations in Sweden dating back more than 50 years. We also have access to model data and observations from national meteorological services globally. Letting us suggest and produce statistics for your European or international project will save you time and money.
Based on your needs we can provide you with services that range from data deliveries to frequency and duration distributions, climate maps and wind roses, return period calculations and climate studies.