Optimizing energy consumption by forecast control

SMHI has a sound knowledge of how various buildings are affected by weather. We combine estimates of the energy technological properties of a building with detailed forecasts of temperature, sun, wind and precipitation. The result is a special forecast that hour by hour takes account of the heat-storing capacity of the building and upcoming changes of weather.

Right amount of energy

The technology makes it possible to make a better use of energy, such as solar and internal heat, and compensate for cooling in breezy weather. Forecast Control ensures that the right amount of energy is supplied in order to maintain a constant and desired indoor temperature.

By minimizing the chances of over-temperatures indoors, in for example sunny weather, you don't need to air away heat that is already paid for, or even worse; cool away the surplus of expensive electrical energy.

The benefits are many

  • Better finances: annual savings of up to 10 SEK/m2
  • Lower energy consumption: up to 20 kWh per sqm and year
  • Improved environmental profile: forecast control contributes to reduced CO2 emissions
  • More equable indoor temperature - good for the tenants
  • Easier property operation management - the SMHI system takes care of the weather changes
  • Fewer complaints about the heat - resources for property management are released internally
  • Good for many - suitable for most multi-dwelling blocks and office buildings

Forecast Control with SMHI WeatherSync ® can be purchased through selected partners that also are responsible for the technical solutions, including installation, performance inspection and monitoring.

Our partners are Erab and Nordomatic.