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Positive response after SMHI’s meteorology course in Ireland

During the spring SMHI had been engaged from Met Éireann to hold a training course in meteorological. Now that the two-week course has been delivered, the Irish participants gave positive feedbacks of the collaboration with SMHI.

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New reference system for sea levels

As of June 3, 2019, sea levels in SMHI's observations, forecasts and warnings will be expressed in the Swedish national height system 2000 (Rikets Höjdsystem 2000, RH 2000) instead of relative the mean sea level. RH 2000 is Sweden's national reference system for heights and depths. The transition …

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Extended project for SMHI in Bosnia and Herzegovina

SMHI has been assigned another air quality project in Bosnia and Herzegovina. In addition to developing a so-called data hosting system for air quality in Bosnia and Herzegovina, SMHI will also analyze the cause of the country’s poor air quality by examining where the emissions come from.

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SMHI has been commissioned by Met Éireann to hold a course in meteorology

Met Éireann – The Irish Meteorological Service – has hired SMHI to hold a course and help the Irish hydro- meteorologists to boost their knowledge in meteorological forecasting, which makes SMHIs expertise knowledgeable.

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New Swedish cloud radar will give improved understanding of cloud structure

For the first time in Swedish history, a cloud radar has been deployed in Sweden. It provides opportunities for new exciting research and opens up possibilities for collaborations in European projects.

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