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Forests reduce cyclone intensity and precipitation extremes over Europe

Rossby CentreClimate

A study by researchers från Rossby Centre at SMHI shows that major afforestation in Europe has the potential to reduce the number of extra-tropical cyclones by up to 80 percent. This would result in a considerable reduction of precipitation extremes in winter, while Southern and Eastern Europe …

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Climate impact on water reservoirs to be studied in a new project


Across Europe, there are thousands of larger and smaller water reservoirs with an important role for drinking water supply, hydropower, environment, and recreation. In a new project lead by SMHI, researchers are going to look into the impact on the water reservoirs from climate change and …

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Conference on regional climate attracts scientists from over 70 countries


Next week, 14-18 October, almost 500 regional climate researchers, decision makers and users of regional climate information from more than 70 countries will gather for the 4th International Conference on Coordinated Regional Climate Downscaling Experiment (ICRC-CORDEX 2019) in Beijing, China. …

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Inclusive capacity development by SMHI at World Water Week


Long-term visions, time, social media and training of the next generation was highlighted as the key components for the future of capacity development, when SMHI showcased some recent projects experiences at the start of World Water Week in Stockholm.

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New Swedish cloud radar will give improved understanding of cloud structure

Rossby CentreAtmospheric Remote SensingClimate

For the first time in Swedish history, a cloud radar has been deployed in Sweden. It provides opportunities for new exciting research and opens up possibilities for collaborations in European projects.

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Register and submit your abstracts to the next CORDEX regional climate conference

Rossby CentreClimate

The registration and abstract submission for the 4th International Conference on Regional Climate (ICRC)-Coordinated Regional Climate Downscaling Experiment (CORDEX) 2019 are now open. The conference will be held in Beijing, China, from 14-18 October 2019 and will bring together the …

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Erik Kjellström takes up position of SMHI’s Professor of Climatology

Rossby CentreClimate

Erik Kjellström is taking up the position of Professor of Climatology at SMHI. With a Professor of Climatology, SMHI is strengthening its research, increasing the focus on international partnerships and developing research in the field of regional climate modelling.

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Current climate information enables marine planning that is sustainable in the long term


Global climate change will affect the seas and the marine ecosystems for a long time to come. Current information about ongoing and future climate change will now be incorporated into Swedish marine planning. SMHI is leading a project in which various stakeholder groups will also be involved in …

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What is climate change doing to the Baltic Sea?


Hotter, fresher and more acidification. The Baltic Sea described in three terms, based on the latest research into the Baltic Sea in a changed climate. What does science have to say about the future of the Baltic Sea? And what can we do to influence its development?

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Dialogue creates usable base data for decisions

HydrologyOceanographyAir QualityClimate

SMHI’s researchers are working with user dialogue to produce base data for decisions that is meaningful for different kinds of decision-makers. The dialogue provides better knowledge of users’ needs. It also shows how users interpret the base data and how it is used in work to climate-adapt society …

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