Who we are

SMHI, the Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute, is an expert authority under the Ministry of Climate and Enterprise. SMHI has a global outlook and a vital mission to forecast changes in weather, water and climate. With a scientific foundation, we use knowledge, research and services to contribute to a more sustainable society.

Always the best support for your decisions

SMHI plays a vital role as a reliable expert authority. Thanks to our robust knowledge of weather, water and climate, we contribute to a more sustainable society.

We collect vast amounts of data which we process, model and visualize based on different scenarios. We monitor global developments and use our own research to build and disseminate knowledge and services that are rooted in science. We evaluate, analyse, forecast and conduct follow-ups. Every hour of every day, all year round.

That is why we can promise you up-to-date decision support that facilitates short and long term planning – from recreational hikes to future infrastructure. Our support helps society achieve the Swedish environmental quality goals and manage tomorrow’s global challenges.

Soluppgång över stad

With the help of supercomputers, computational models, statistics and research, our experts produce forecasts, decision guidance, climate scenarios and studies. We often act as a consultative body and disseminates knowledge through smhi.se, media, lectures and training programmes.

Our knowledgeable and dedicated employees are our strength. We comprise a range of experts, from meteorologists, hydrologists, oceanographers, climate experts and atmospheric and environmental research scientists to IT developers and behavioural scientists.

Agencies and business partners

SMHI offers products and services that provide various kinds of enterprises and organisations with an important foundation for decision-making. Examples include general forecasts and weather warnings, industry-specific services, simulations and analyses, statistics, climate studies and contracted research.

SMHI conducts three different types of operations:

  • government-funded operations and activities funded through the EU
  • assignments from other government agencies
  • business operations on a commercial basis

SMHI has its head office in Norrköping and also has offices in Gothenburg and Uppsala.