Climate indicators – sea level

Sea level is measured at several stations along the Swedish coast. The measurement series are long and therefore interesting from a climate perspective.

An increase in atmospheric temperature can cause land ice to melt faster than it builds up, and also causes the sea temperature to rise and therefore increase in volume. The consequence is a global rise in sea level.

In Sweden the sea level is affected by land rise. The following figure has been adjusted for land rise to show how much the sea level has actually risen. At many locations in Sweden where the land rise is quite large, such as along the coast of Västerbotten, the sea level rise is not noticeable at all, while the coast of Götaland will experience increasing sea levels.

Sea level rise since 1886, values corrected for the absolute land uplift.
The change in sea level in centimetres since 1886 based on 14 Swedish stations. The diagram has been corrected for land rise. The black curve shows a moving average. Enlarge Image