SMHI as a workplace

Our extensive activities depend on employees with a variety of skills. As a modern workplace we provide opportunities for personal development through a process oriented working approach and through collaboration with others both nationally and internationally. Every day we work with tasks that are crucial for society's common benefit, safety and resilience, which give us added value.

Skills development

Our most valuable asset is the people who work in the organisation. We want you to take responsibility for your work as well as your personal development. Skills development can be a question of training courses to participating in working groups, projects and networks. It may also concern the interaction between experienced and less experienced colleagues or to rotate between different tasks.


Different backgrounds, experience, knowledge and personality are key in order to strengthen internal interaction and stimulate new thinking. The diversity of our employees enriches operations.

Working environment

A good working environment with a balance between work and leisure in order to contribute to employees' quality of life is important to us. Some of our success factors are good opportunities for development, equality, diversity, high ratio of managers to staff and flexible solutions for the individual.

Our objective is to continue to be a workplace with a good working environment and good climate. Consequently, we encourage all employees to participate in the planning and regeneration work that is always in progress at SMHI. It is also the best way to influence your own work situation. The commitment, participation and responsibility of each employee for operations and for their own development are expressed in SMHI's values and are supported by a management philosophy based on extensive delegation of management responsibilities.

Equal and modern workplace

SMHI has a long-term approach to equality and in a survey conducted by the Institute of Human Resource Indicators in 2014 was named Sweden's most equal workplace among some 240 organisations. The key figure is based on an Equality index that summarizes the level of equality in the organisation and makes it possible to compare with other organisations. The index is based on nine key indicators that are central aspects of equality in an organisation.