VFR maps

In order to facilitate planning of your flight, SMHI offers automatically generated up-to-date maps and forecast maps.

VFR analysis

The VFR analysis is a completely automatic up-to-date map where cloud and visibility information from ground observations, satellite and radar images are put together at a specific moment in time to produce an image.
The areas are presented with a visibility of less than 5 km and areas with a cloud coverage height of less than 1,000 feet. The map can be used to help with VFR planning, but should be supplemented with other information.

VFR forecast

The VFR forecast is an automatically generated forecast which shows the areas where there is a risk of cloud coverage at heights of less than 1,000 feet and areas with visibility under 5 km for the following day at 6.00 and at 12.00 UTC. Maps are presented at approx. 16.00 local time.

The map can be used as a preliminary forecast for VMC the following day, but should not be used for planning a journey and is therefore removed at midnight.