Model data (HIROMB BS01)

HIROMB BS01 (High Resolution Operational Model for the Baltic Sea) is an oceanographic forecasting model that describes the state of the sea for a number of physical parameters.

There are two options – download oceanographic analysis data via an interface or subscribe to a feed of oceanographic analysis data (nowcasts), updated every 6 hours and available up until the last complete day. A nowcast is the same as the timestep 0 in a forecast.

The grid size is 1 nautical mile (about 2*2 km) and the files are in GRIB format.


Available parameters include:

  • Sea level
  • Currents
  • Salinity
  • Temperature
  • Ice concentration
  • Ice floe size

The HIROMB model

A 60-hour forecast is run every 6 hours, building on data assimilation of previous observations. The meteorological forecast model HIRLAM (C11) is used for indata and river input comes from the HBV model. HIROMB BS01 covers the whole of the Baltic Sea as well as the west coast of Sweden (Kattegat and Skagerrak). The western boundary is just west of Jylland’s northernmost point.

HIROMB has been used for forecasting at SMHI since 1995, and over the years the resolution has increased. HIROMB is now a nested model, which means that it has a higher resolution for some areas. The different model grids are two-way coupled to each other, so that they exchange information along the model boundary.