Policy for passwords smhi.se

Use unique and long passwords

To protect your information, it is important to use specific passwords for each service you use at work or in private. If you have the same password for several different services, the risk increases that several of your accounts will be hijacked.

A long password in the form of a password phrase with high unpredictability is more secure and easier to memorize than a traditionally complex password. The longer the password you have, the longer it takes for an attacker to crack. A tip for creating a password that is difficult to guess but at the same time easy to memorize is to use a phrase that you can create a memory image of.

Change password if you suspect it has been compromised.
Password rules to follow when you create an account in ssupp.smhi.se

  • Your password must be at least 15 characters long and difficult to guess but at the same time easy to memorize.
  • Use a phrase with at least four randomly selected words.
  • Avoid correct and common sentences or quotes as well as words that can be linked to you as a person.
  • Do not reuse previous passwords or main part of previous passwords.
  • Do not use the same password for ssupp.smhi.se as for any of your other services that you use in your work or privately.