Create your future – how to run a workshop

Here, you can find out how to run a workshop for creating images of the future.

1. Preparations

Think about who should take part, which climate challenges you want to focus on, and what you want to achieve. Formulate a clear goal for the workshop. See support materials: 
Guidance for workshop leaders.pdf (291 kB, pdf)

2. Print out materials

Olika bilder av människor till workshop Framtidsbilder

Print out the background images, figures and objects that you want to use in your workshop. All materials can be found in the document 
Materials for self-printing.pptx (13.1 MB, pptx)  

3. Hold workshop

Take the presentation material as a starting point​​​​​​. Presentation Workshop Create your future.pptx (83 kB, pptx)
Adapt it to suit your operations, or create your own presentation from scratch. 

Presentation vid en workshop kring konceptet Framtidsbilder

Choose which visualisation text(s) you want to use in the workshop: 
Visualization texts.pdf (340 kB, pdf)

4. After the workshop

Summarize the materials and use the results in future climate change adaptation work: 
Summary of the groups’ discussions.pdf (149 kB, pdf)



One way to continue this work is to try playing: 
The Climate Adaptation Game