Conditions of use

Conditions for data

Our open data comes with licensing terms specified in Creative Commons Attribution 4.0.

The licensing terms permit you to copy and distribute SMHI’s open data and also to create derivative products. This is also allowed for commercial purposes. Acknowledgment is required and it must be indicated whether the license material is processed.

General conditions for use of SMHI open data services

You must only use documented APIs. For example, it is not permitted to use services for downloading open data that are not available in the open data service catalogue.

Do not load SMHI’s services unnecessarily. For example, avoid mass downloads where retrieving forecast data for a large number of locations at one time. Also avoid downloading the same data numerous times.

If possible, do not distribute out-of-date data. SMHI databases are updated regularly and it is desirable that the latest update is used. Use the opportunity of time-limited data caching according to our meta data and any client cache directives.

You are aware that you share SMHI's bandwidth with many other users, and therefore can experience variations in response times and capacity.

SMHI reserves the right to have service windows for the maintenance of our services.

SMHI reserves the right to block individual IP addresses alternatively completely shut down services in cases of clear abuse.