SMHI in brief

SMHI - The Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute

The agency's areas of expertise

Meteorology, hydrology, oceanography, climatology.

Comes under the Ministry of Climate and Enterprise.


In 1919, but dates back to 1873.


Provides planning and decision guidance for weather and water dependent activities. Society's expert body in meteorology, hydrology, oceanography and climatology.

Applied research within the above fields.

Products & services

General weather forecasts and warnings, customised forecasts, analyses, studies, statistics, reports and expert opinions, lectures and training programmes, climate studies and research assignments.


SMHI has its head office in Norrköping and also has offices in Gothenburg, and Uppsala.

Director General 

Håkan Wirtén

Turnover and number of employees 

SMHI has an annual turnover of SEK 914 million and has 608 employees. (2023)

Assignments and funding

  •     Government-funded assignments on behalf of the state.
  •     Commissioned assignments for other government agencies.
  •     Commercial assignments on the grounds of business economics.
  •     Research grants from Swedish financiers and the EU.

Quality and environment

SMHI has been certified to ISO 9001 standards for its quality management since 2003.

Environmental issues constitute a high priority and are an integral part of our management system. SMHI has been certified to ISO 14001 standards for its environmental management since 2003.

Corporate Identity Number

202100 – 0696